Angelina Ivanova is the second rival in the game. She makes her appearances only in Chapter 2 and Nightmare 2. She comes from Europe and will ask the player to show her around the school, prompting a chance to murder her.
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Angelina in the Chapter 2 cutscene


Angelina Ivanova has shoulder length chestnut-colored hair and blue eyes, and wears a black headband. Her eyes are slightly dark blue. Her lips are colored pink. Her stockings are see-through and black, with a lace pattern. These stockings are unlockable if the player completes Chapter 2.


She is obviously quite friendly and flirty.

After class on her first day, Angelina tells Makio Sono that he's handsome and she would take a closer look. She then invites him for tea after school.


Angelina as she appears in-game