• Sunshine Production

    I dont know if this wiki is still active, BUT pls, if there's still space, I would like to add pages!

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  • Arisien Mellow

    About Yandere school

    January 31, 2017 by Arisien Mellow

    I discovered this app a lot of time ago, looking for an android version of Yandere Simulator.

    I installed and uninstalled this app a lot of times, and I initially found it boring: there were few levels, and once I ended them there was nothing left to do.

    Now I understood it is awesome: you can discovers conversations, sories, routines, relationships... I even started to ship people (Kumi Hideko x Saya-), I found my fanon senpai (Keishi Onozawa) and I stalked him and recorded every action-

    There's really a lot of stuff, this game is very nice!

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  • Answerchan


    We need more help on this wiki, there's not enough info!!

    Tell your friends to join + help out too!

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  • Answerchan

    1 on the wiki?!

    September 3, 2016 by Answerchan

    I'm #1 on the freaking wiki!!!


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  • Answerchan

    Tea And Cake Games

    September 3, 2016 by Answerchan

    Tea and Cake Games is the developer of Yandere School. Here we can discuss the updates they have added to the game, or the pages we need to add to this wiki.

    Levels Added to Game, and Who Must Be Killed to Complete That Level:

    Chapter 1 - Meisa Ito

    Nightmare 1 - Makio Sono and Meisa Ito

    Chapter 2 - Angelina Ivanova

    Nightmare 2 - Akari Furutaka 

    Chapter 3 - The two baseball boys, can't remember their names.

    Nightmare 3 - 

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