Chapter 2 is the second chapter in Yandere School.

The rival of Chapter 2 is Angelina Ivanova.

Intro/Ending Cutscene

In this, Akari Furutaka asks Makio Sono about a new student in his class. Makio tells Akari about Angelina Ivanova, an exchange student from Europe. Angelina confronted Makio, telling him he is handsome and she wants to know more about him, so she invites him for tea after school. Akari, angered at Angelina, storms away, leaving a confused Makio.


Angelina will walk into school and act as a normal student until interacted with by Akari. Angelina will state that she is new and will ask if Akari can show her around. This brings up a chance for Akari to eliminate Angelina.