Classroom 3-1 is a classroom in the school. It is located in the first floor, besides Classroom 2-1 and Classroom 1-1. It is Makio Sono and Angelina Ivanova's classroom, as well.

Hanae Sugimura is the teacher of this classroom.

The students will sit in their designated seats at lessons. In Chapter 1, the students will head out for P.E. at the track.


The classroom is located in the first floor, besides Classroom 2-1 and Classroom 1-1. The room has grey and beige walls and a brown wooden floor. The door is located to the east of the room, where a small chalkboard is beside it. At the north of the room is where the teacher stands behind a podium. There are some brown cabinets to the side of her, and two chalkboards in the back. A speaker is at the top of the chalkboards. At the back of the room are some lockers. There are ten desks in this classroom.


The people in this classroom are:

  • Angelina Ivanova. (Only for Chapter 2 and Nightmare 2). Sits next to Makio Sono.