Omi Yasuda is a student in Yandere School, and Terumi Takahira's best friend.

Omi is in class 1-1 and before lessons she talks together with Terumi Takahira. In chapter 1, Omi and Terumi talk outside the school; in chapter 2, they talk in the corridor talking about Angelina, the fact that she invited Makio Sono to the tea club and about what will be her reaction; in chapter 3, they're in front of the baseball field and they talk about the boys and their matches.

Omi and Terumi are both hosting the Tea Club, and they invite the player to come there after classes when interact with them. Omi and Terumi both say: (" There's cake! ^-* ")


Omi's got straight and short red hair and fair complexion. Omi also wears her default school uniform and short blue socks. She's very similar to Eriko Sakura, but she's nicer.


Omi is kind and social: She is very nice to the player, she tries to make conversation with the player and she even invites the player to the Tea club. Omi is also interested in boys and romance.


Terumi Takahira

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Omi and Terumi are always together. They like gossiping, but in an innocent and playful way.