Saya Kaito is the student council president and a student in Yandere School.

She's a member of the sports club with (Keishi Onozawa, Kumi Hideko and Makio Sono) so during lessons she wears the gym outfit and she runs around the track. Saya runs slower than the others, and she stays quite far from the other members. When they're done, they go changing their clothes or to the cafeteria, but Saya stays in front of the baseball field using her cellphone.


Saya has blue hair and blue eyes. She wears the default female uniform and white stockings.


Saya Kaito, as student council president, wants the best for everyone in the school.

She will ask Akari in Chapter 1 for a favor, which is to ask Eriko Sakura to meet her in the teacher's lounge after classes. If you proceed with this favor, she'll talk with Eriko about how poorly her grades have been.