"What a pain. . ."
Add more information, please. These, "stubs" are just thorns in our way. . .
Sayuri Misaki is a teacher in Yandere School, and Hanae Sugimura's best friend.


She has fair skin and Yellow hair and blue eyes. She wears a long-sleeved white button up shirt with a low collar and a black pencil skirt. She also wears a cute pair of black heels.


As she is a part of the Faculty, she will have the Strict persona and will have extensive self-defense training.

Her defining character trait will be unintentional sexual innuendos. She appears to be sultry and seductive.


Oh, myyyyy! Has someone taken a liking to me? *Giggle*... You know, dear, all you had to do was ask... Is this pose better for you, darling~?

- Hypothetical Dialogue If She Had A Crush On Makio Sono.

Sayuri Is The Vice Principal Under Hanae Sugimara.

"Rumored To Have A Crush On Victoria Ishihara".