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Об игре

"Yandere School" is about a young girl with a strange obsession for another student, her fixation leading her to commit many irredeemable crimes to protect and be around the upperclassmen. At the moment, the gameplay consists of; finding a {Potentially} lethal weapon, abolishing your target, making a six-foot deep bed for them with the school's shovel, and burying them, all before making a confession to the main heroine's fascination by the end of the day.

The main character of this game is Akari Furutaka, a previously average high-school girl, completely devoted to a male student in a parallel class.

The male main character is Makio Sono, he is a wildly popular boy, and is the only one Akari cares about. Due to her overly passionate nature, she is entirely willing to fight anyone for her feelings, endlessly.

The game is currently in development;

Game Developer-Tea and Cake Games.