Yuka Moriyama is the fifth rival in Yandere School.

She makes her appearances only in Chapter 4 and Nightmare 4.


Yuka Moriyama has light brown, slightly curly hair on her right-side shoulder and similar eye color. She wears a white shirt with cyan tie and a cyan badge that's outlined in yellow, a short, red plum skirt and white stockings.


She is quite friendly and flirty.


Before class, she talks to Makio Sono about that she is going to be his future wife as the two family are going to make them marry together. She then tells him that she's going to Classroom 2-1 to talk to her teacher and goes there. After that, she goes to the nursery and talks to Victoria Ishihara for a health examine.

After class, she talks to Makio that she wants him to go to the rooftop with her. When finished, Makio says that he wants to go to the computer lab. He then leaves Yuka alone, giving the player the opportunity to elinimate her.